Tip number 4 understanding the difference between natural release and quick release: So like I stated in natural release when your timer goes off, your instant pot beeps. It has an L on the left corner of the screen and then two zeros, it’ll start counting up one-two-three however long that is a natural release.

You are letting the pot release the pressure naturally, you are not touching your nozzle you are keeping it on sealing. however, the pressure is still releasing on its own. typically it’s about ten minutes, and then you’ll do a quick release, and most recipes that’s what it calls for. sometimes you will do a complete natural release, and that takes about 15 almost up to 20 minutes depending on how much is in your pot, how much pressure your pot needed to make to cook all the food thoroughly.

Quick-release, however, is once that bell goes off, that beep sounds and you see the L that means your pot is done and everything is cooked, that is when you’re going to press your nozzle to sealing and all of your pressure is going to come out right.

However, when I’m ready to release the pressure, I make sure my instant pot is in a nice open area then I press it to Venting and all of the steam releases it just goes up in the air. there’s a bunch of accessories that you can buy for your instant pot to make things easier, and I’m going to be sharing that in an upcoming post.

Tip number five is totally a focus on that manual button: because it knows everything. for the most part, this manual button just automatically puts your pot on high pressure, and then you can just do the up or down the plus and minus, and however long you need the cooking time to be.

All you do is press the manual button, put it on the time you want, and your pot goes on. So, no matter what you’re cooking. The manual button just allow you to mess with the time and the other buttons on the sides are just preset buttons. The soup is either it’s a high pressure, and then it has a time, the same thing for the meat, the bean, poultry, these are all the buttons Steam, Porridge, Multigrain, Rice, but for just beginners, all you want to do is just focus on manual. Set your own time, the pot is automatically on high pressure and it’s gonna cook your food up in no time.

so those are the must-know instant pot tips for beginners that I think you should know just starting off. It also helped me know those things ahead of time, I personally have never gotten a burn message. And I know there’s a lot of people out there who have, but just make sure you have at least one cup of liquid, and you should not have that burn message on your pot. I have more, but this is One of my favorite to cook on. 🙂

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