Did you get an instant pot or you’ve had one but are still a little intimidated? In this instant pot tips for beginners post, I’m going to share with you some must-know tips for beginners to really dive into knowing your instant pot.

There are a lot of tips and tricks, the learning is never-ending with this thing, but these are the top things that I really think everybody should know before really diving into using the instant pot. so let’s get into them…

So tip number one is to understand the real cook time: So most recipes even when I’m sharing a recipe here on the instant pot, I always tell you how long it takes to cook, but there are a few things that go along with that cook time.

There is how long your pot takes to come to pressure, usually, it’s 5 to 10 minutes max and you need to add that on to your cook time. So let’s say you’re cooking chicken and the cooking time is for 6 minutes on high pressure: The instant pot has to come to pressure, so that’s 10 minutes plus 6 minutes of cooking times, that’s 16 minutes total time so far. And then you’re gonna want to let it release naturally to let it cook a little bit longer for another 10 minutes probably, so it’s 26 minutes for your chicken total instead of just the 6 minutes.

But still, I love instant pot! a lot of recipes are cooked faster in it, typically it’s meats. Maybe rice is one of those things that don’t necessarily cook any faster, it’s the same time adding in the coming to pressure, and the release time than cooking it on your stove in a pot. but I just love that rice comes out perfect for me, every single time in the instant pot. there are still times where cook it on the stove, and it doesn’t come out as good as in the instant pot.

So even though the time is still the same, the instant pot just does a better job at it. So tip number one is to understand that the cooking time isn’t the real-time. The instant pot does have a few other times added onto that to go with the cooking time. So when you’re cooking, just make sure you realize how much time you really need for all of it.

Tip number two is your instant pot always needs liquid: Don’t ever close your instant pot and try to cook anything in, unless it has liquids because that is what your pot needs to come to pressure, you’re going to get a burn notice or it just won’t work and you might mess up your pot.

Your instant pot always needs liquid and depending on the size. A 6 Quarts size needs at least 1 cup of liquid to come to pressure.

Tip number three is to really know how to use your pressure valve: We are talking about that little nozzle right on the top of the lid, so when you are cooking you always want it to be on sealing, so you just need to make sure that is the first thing you do when you close the lid. Automatically make sure that this is turned to sealing, otherwise, if you leave it on venting, you are wasting a whole lot of time. Because your pot is not going to come to pressure.

All the pressure is just going to keep releasing as the time goes on, and your food is not going to cook thoroughly. So make sure it is on sealing then when your timer goes off, your instant pot is going to show the time on the screen. When it beeps it’ll have an L at the left of the digital screen, and it is automatically going to go to keep warm and then it will start counting up how long it is on keep warm, but that’s also what a natural release is.



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